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Dominique Christina

U.S State Department Arts Envoy to Cyprus

Award-winning Poet/Author/Educator



Who she is...

Dominique Christina, a Denver native, is an an award-winning poet, author, curator, conceptual installation artist, and newly appointed Arts Envoy to Cyprus through the U.S. Department of State. She holds five national poetry slam titles in four years, including the 2014 & 2012 Women of the World Slam Champion and 2011 National Poetry Slam Champion. Her work is greatly influenced by her family's legacy in the Civil Rights Movement. Her aunt Carlotta was one of nine students to desegregate Central High School in Little Rock Arkansas and is a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient. Dominique is the author of four books. Her third book, "This Is Woman's Work", published by SoundsTrue Publishing, is the radical exploration of 20 archetypal incarnations of woman-ness and the creative process. Her fourth book "Anarcha Speaks" won the National Poetry Series award in 2017 and is being adapted for the theater.
She is a writer and actor for the HBO series High Maintenance, did branding and marketing for Gaia, and Under Armour's Unlike Any campaign, has appeared on the BBC, featured at the Tribeca Film Festival NYC 2021 and curatorial director of The Dirty South choir and short film for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Colorado in 2022. She was named a finalist for Colorado's Poet Laureate post in 2023. 

"When they ask you who you are...tell them you are many mountains moving. Tell them you are wind song. Tell them they should not have to ask. Tell them you do not have to answer."

Dominique Christina



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Denver, CO

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A Dedication

Ometeotl. This is a dedicated space in memory of, in acknowledgement of, in recognition of, and in the full awareness of my sister Alicia Cardenas, tattoo artist, muralist, cultural anthropologist, and blood-magic guru. She transitioned from the body on December 27, 2021 and joined the ancestral realm to which she was always tethered. I hope you are pleased with me sis. I hope I make you proud. You always made me proud. Still do. I see you star shine. I see you crow. I see you moon beam. I see you. Tlazocamati. 

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