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The Books...

The Bones, The Breaking, The Balm


Dominique Christina's first full length volume of poetry. Autobiographical and confessional in nature. It is a celebration of all the music and macabre that make us so deeply impossibly free. Published by Penmanship Books NY in 2014

They Are All Me


Dominique Christina's second full length collection of poetry. They Are All Me is political in nature. Replete with social commentary and a foreword by Jack Hirschman. This book collapses the separation between compassion and rage. Here is a book of a linguistic brilliance and of praise for the entourage of African American heroes and martyrs who are a part of our souls' memories. Published by Swimming With Elephants Press in 2015.


Dominique Christina's third book. A collection of essays that radically explore 21 archetypal energies introducing us to a wise council of women through firebrand poetry, compelling inquiry, and heart-opening exercises, This is Woman's Work invites you to forge an intimate connection with each inner woman- known and unknown, loved and feared- so you may integrate their voices, realize their wisdom, and open to your full expression and power. Published by Sounds True Publishing in 2015. 


Dominique Christina's fourth book is a collection of persona poems about an enslaved girl named Anarcha who was the subject of torturous medical experiments during chattel slavery at the hands of Dr. J Marion Simms who is regarded as the father of modern day gynecology. Winner of the National Poetry Series in 2017 and published by Beacon Press in 2018 with a foreword from Pulitzer Prize winner Tyehimbe Jess. Anarcha Speaks is the reckoning, the grief work, the exhumation and the proper burial. 

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