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There are 20 available courses. Here are four samples...

History Remixed: History does indeed repeat itself. This course focuses on the exploration of various social movements, and the relationship between power and identity. Historical and contemporary patterns within these movements as a way to build a more critical relationship with history and provide context for the present will be analyzed. Specific attention will be paid to the Civil Movement and current events from Ferguson to Baltimore. 

Speculative Fiction and Magical Realism: This course deals with the impossible and introduces it as the raw material of possible. Some things defy explanation in a Western context. In this place, if we need to discuss an abusive stepfather he may be languaged as a two-headed hydra scalpeled against an iron gate for which I have no key. Magical realism saves you from reality. And speculative fiction suggests that memory or facts ands data can be emphasized, animated even, with imagination. Language is big and delicious and available for this journey. Here, color has a sound. And memory can have magic. 

Ally is a Bad Word: This course focuses on moving beyond the survivor/perpetrator dichotomy and towards collective transformation but in order to do that the us/them dichotomy has to be detonated and collapsed. We will look at the etymology of the word "ally" and let the intent of that word pave the road. 

Poetry is a Loaded Gun: Art is provocation. It always has been. This course talks about the role of the artist in shifting social climate and activating folk to respond to their environments using the raw material of creativity to dream a world while having the radical imagination to not only argue against what does not work, but also build something transformational in its place. 

(16 more workshops available upon request) 

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